My art is inspired by the Faroese nature:

18 small volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean between Iceland and Norway characterized by contrasts of water, waves, cliffs, green mountainsides and a dramatically changing sky. The strong colors and changing lights of these islands are part of me and imprinted in my mind and soul having grown op on the Faroe Islands.

My work is intuitive, expressing sentiments rooted in me, not knowing in advance what the paint and canvas will bring about. My art skills are partly autodidactic and also a result of being a student of Baukje Zilistra in 1992 an later other artists.

Important exhibitions: Galleri Ribarhus, Faroe Island; Kongrescenter Aalborg, Denmark: Banegaarden Aabenrad, Denmark; Galleri Tornby Tversted. Denmark Vestjysk Kunstgalleri Esbjerg. Denmark: Det Færøeske Hus Copenhagen, Denmark, Important sales: Mærsk Danbor Esbjerg, Denmark: ES Vagt Esbjerg, Denmark: Commercial School Esbjerg, Denmark: College Rybner Esbjerg, Denmark.

Besøg Mig

Havbakken 198
DK 6710 Esbjerg V

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+45 7511 6390

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